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Scape Bac-Up has been developed to introduce healthy bacterial colonies into your aquarium environment. With over 30 different strains of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, at a concentration far superior to anything else currently on the market.

SCAPE Complete

Scape Complete has been developed to be an all in one system for your aquarium plants. Scape Complete contains all the essential minerals and nutrients required by your aquarium plants throughout all their stages of growth. Scape Complete contains all of the elements in our separate Scape N, Scape P as well as Scape K and Trace products. It was developed to make life simple. Simplicity is one of the key enjoyment factors of aquarium keeping, and this one bottle solution certainly makes life so much easier.

SCAPE Dechlorination

If you add tap water directly to the aquarium before treating the water, you should add 1 squirt per 50L of your entire aquarium volume.

SCAPE K and Trace

Scape K and Trace was developed to supply Potassium and Trace Elements to the aquarium plants in the correct quantity.

SCAPE Liquid Carbon

Scape Liquid Carbon has been developed to supply the aquarium plants an alternative carbon source to injected CO2.


Scape N was developed to supply Nitrogen, to aquarium plants, in the correct quantities.


Scape P was developed to supply Phosphorus to the aquarium plants in the correct quantity.