• Introduction

    Every year, The South African Aquascaping Contest receives a variety of skillful layouts from all over the country. Once again, we look forward to your submission of the best layout this year. One of the key points of planted aquarium is aquatic plants which have grown healthily and beautifully and also absence of noticeable algae. This is a basic yet very important factor. We hope to see your layout featuring attractive aquatic plants.
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Contest Prize

Details on the first prize for the South African Aquascaping contest 2021.

  • 1x ADA 60p cube garden
  • 1 x 60p cabinet (gun metal or black)
  • 1 x ADA Amazonia 9L
  • 1 x ADA powersand M
  • 1 x ADA bacter 100
  • 1 x ADA tourmaline BC
  • 1 x ADA clear super
  • 30 x EPICAQUATICS Greenhouse plants

Full sponsorship by ADA South Africa on All ADA fertilisers, conditioners and additives for the entire year.

Sponsorship includes :

  • ADA Neutral K
  • ADA Mineral
  • ADA Iron
  • ADA Nitrogen
  • ADA Eca plus
  • ADA Green gain plus
  • ADA Chloroff
  • ADA Vitamix
  • ADA Softwater
  • ADA Clear water

Sponsorship is subject to the contestant continuing to enter the Global IAPLC and the local SA Aquascaping contest for 2022

  1. Entrants must submit image data created with a compact digital camera, smartphone, tablet, or others. Photographic film, recording media and printed photograph are not acceptable.
  2. Image data file to be submitted must be in JPEG format (less than 5MB). RAW data is not accepted.
  3. Image must not be processed by way of trimming, reversal and retouching, etc. Do not delete the Exif information.
  4. Use entry form on the official EPICAQUATICS or ADA South Africa website for entry. Online entry process is very simple – just fill in the form and attach your image data.
  5. If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data is required for top-winning entries.
  6. The contest will run from 01 April 2021 until 31 May 2021.
  7. Entry is FREE.

* only online submission is accepted. Photographic film, recording media and printed photograph are not acceptable.

This contest is open to everyone who has a planted aquarium. Only the work created by the entrant (individual) is accepted.

  • There is no restriction in aquarium tank size, equipment or Brands used.
  • The picture of the layout can be taken by any person

* Applying under a name other than the name of the creator of the layout, including names of family members and others, may be subject of disqualification.

Each entrant can submit only one entry with the picture of an unpublished layout work, taken within a year prior to submission.

  • Entry must be a picture of the entire aquarium taken from the front side only.
  • Entry that violates this may become subject to disqualification, before and after the determination of the SA rankings. The submission of the same work to the IAPLC is accepted only if the contestant shall not release any images of the work on the internet, publications or any distribution media prior to the official result announcement and released by EPICAQUATICS and IAPLC.
  • Once image data has been submitted, it cannot be replaced.

Subject of point deductions

  • Reuse of similar motif that has been demonstrated in any work formerly submitted to this contest (including use of the same composition materials, rearrangement of any past layout through mere change of plants and reversal of any past layout.)
  • Layout remarkably resembling any of the past top winning entries is subject to point deductions.
  • Plants growing above the waterline are not subject to evaluation. Use of houseplant, marginal plant or other plants which hardly survive in water, and layout materials that are difficult to maintain for a long period of time.
  • Pictures taken at an angle and/or showing only a part of the aquarium.

Copyright of The South African Aquascaping contest entries

  • The copyright of the entries belongs to EPICAQUATICS (PTY) Ltd. Use of any entry for advertisement and/or publication purposes without consent of EPICAQUATICS (PTY) LTD, is strictly prohibited.
  • Private disclosure of entry on social networking media must take place only after the official disclosure by EPICAQUATICS and ADA


  • Your application may be invalidated if it violates the contest rules and guidelines, doesn’t meet application requirements, or if the EPICAQUATICS judges deems it inappropriate.
  • Submitted images will not be returned to the contestants.
  • Please note that the EPICAQUATICS judging committee does not take any questions regarding the grading and results of the contest. Also, please refrain from contacting individual judges about the contest or specific work(s).

Recreation of natural habitat for fish (Maximum 50 points)

  • Evaluation of layout work as healthy fish habitat
  • Expression of underwater environment in layout work
  • General condition of fish and aquatic plants in layout work
  • Evaluation of layout work if corresponding type, size, physiology and ecology of fish

Long-term maintenance of layout work (Maximum 10 points)

  • Chance of maintaining the aquascape for a long period of time
  • Screening of whether or not the expression shown in the layout photo is produced temporarily only for photographing.

Creator’s technical skills (Maximum 10 points)

  • Evaluation of comprehensive techniques in creating and maintaining layout work

Originality and impression of layout work (Maximum 10 points)

  • Evaluation of creator’s originality and creativity
  • Perfection and attractiveness of layout work

Presentation of natural atmosphere in layout work (Maximum 10 points)

  • Expression of layout work concerning natural ecosystem
  • Presentation of a sense of time’s passage
  • Evaluation of creator’s interpretation of nature

Overall composition and planting balance (Maximum 10 points)

  • Completeness of layout composition
  • Evaluation of the balance of planting

Judges for 2021

Hiten Goolab – ADA South Africa
Jean-Michel Touche – Royal Botanical Gardens (KEW GARDENs UK) ADA Sales UK.

We accept only JPEG types of image data sized less than 5MB. Please prepare the image data of your aquatic layout before entry.

  • Only images in JPEG format, less than 5MB insize, is accepted (RAW data cannot be accepted).
  • Image must not be processed by way of trimming, reversal and retouching, etc. Do not delete the Exif information.
  • If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data is required for top-winning entries.
  • Printed photograph is unacceptable.

Application inquiry

E-mail: sales@epicaquatics.net